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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

Bright Ambition

They say magic has been lost, but what if we simply lost sight of the potential of human ambition?

What does it mean to be ambitious? It's a difficult feeling to describe to those who have lost their own sense of it, because for those who have maintained a sense of their own, it's an intuition. A drive. A puzzle that feels within our very grasp. An open mind that sees the cracks in the foundation of our thought process. A desire, a passion... for change that reflects something deep within and alien to the collective common sense of who most believe we are as evolving beings.

We are pressured and convinced to dedicate our whole lives and ground our entire self-esteem to subjective structures, conditions and complexes that were imposed before our time. Some natural, many MANY unnatural. All affecting who we are.

Yet some of us, the ever-growing number of bright few, the open minds, the dreamers and those with ambition to reevaluate themselves and the world, maintain in our core that something is off about the world around us and feel a piece missing inside of all of us. Ambition for fulfillment.

The challenge is happiness is just a step, not fulfillment. We are sold happiness everywhere we look, but for some it only clouds our judgment and disorients our sense of brighter ambition. An upward trajectory that we can't explain, because we are told the world only exists outside of our minds. Only external options for stimulation, that only stifles our intuition for deeper fulfilment.

When in reality, our perspective inward and our direction forward is far more vital to our sense of fulfillment.

Ignorance is bliss because an open mind can appear restless. Time can feel like it is both standing still and slipping between our fingers congruently and all we know is to tighten our grip, which only makes the sand fall faster and ourselves more uncomfortable in the process. Disillusionment.

We spend our lives exhaustively building up ourselves, our identities and erecting social and communal bridges towards a destination that has been influenced by the thought process of our influences. Investments in time and energy that we could never get back, so to even consider changing direction so far down one's path is not only terrifying, but contrary to everything we have been told and preached, pressured and conditioned, taught and mentored. Memorized.

And if not, we are quickly diagnosed with a disorder to mitigate any potential influence to inspire ambition into bright open minds willing and able to challenge the structures in place to give those without ambition and ignorant past entitlement validation a sense of self-esteem and purpose.

But that's where the magic comes back into play. Magic is a placeholder for bright objective ambition and self-esteem that the most entitled, shallow and ignorant could never possess or relate to without a complete reevaluation of the foundation of who they feel they are.

Ambition is about evolutionary growth, perspectively.

We all dream of achieving a greater level of insight both of the world outside of us and the universe inside. A bright light, a star, a stairway and an infinite list of symbols, metaphors, analogies, allegories and reflective narratives of faith that are ripe for misinterpretation by those who fill in their own gaps without foundation or experience. But that is what makes life worth living where and when others lose their sense of momentum, direction and loss of self-esteem.

The puzzle is in plain sight, for those willing to open their mind and discover their own sense of ambitious impulses and elements to reevaluate their own internal current.

The ambition to grasp the deeper levels, planes and nature of our potential is a sense of inward direction that few have the courage to even explore, let alone process once discovered. But is there a better reason to get up every morning, eat and live healthy in hopes of achieving what most are too short-sighted and lack the self-esteem to try and parse the complexities of?

And for some, that discovery of the pursuit of evolution, of our very thought process and perspective of humanity is an ambition that makes every moment of our lives not only valuable, but priceless information and experience for us to process into bright upward propulsion.

Are you ambitious to evolve, or is your ambition to try and maintain the structures, identities and selfish entitled superficial conditions of the past? Your ambition, if any, says everything about you.

Momentum, direction, integrity.

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