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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

Connecting The Dots

What is your purpose in life? Have you found it? If so, do you feel you had a choice in that purpose? Do you feel more fulfilled as time passes, as your pathways become cemented, getting older and older every second and ever more "experienced?" Does that sound positive?

Or have you been feeling increasingly tired and confused, and irrelevant? Things don't taste the same anymore. Sounds don't sound the same anymore. Fun isn't as fun as it used to be, and it is an uncomfortable and lonely impulse that we try to bury. Thoughts don't feel like they used to and you don't feel the way you thought you would, when you were younger.

Can you ask yourself a question and receive a clearer answer than what you thought? Or...

Do you still still rely on others to connect the dots for you?

There are two options, two doors, two impulses each mind must learn to create to develop a conceptual ruler of their own.

Trust other people's interpretation of life, or choose to look inward and connect your own dots for yourself. When was the last time you sparked your imagination? Because if you connect the dots just right, it will create a bolt of lightning that will forever evolve your interpretation of life.

We are pressured to suppress our sense of imagination, of internal exploration but that will be revealed as the final frontier. Space and time can be measured, but our subconscious remains immeasurable. Once we grasp our sense of insight, our mind opens and life itself follows suit.

I felt like I was trapped in a cave my entire life, until I connected the dots for myself and found the piece of myself I always instinctually sensed was being extinguished. So I distracted and numbed myself... until I couldn't any longer. Thankfully.

I didn't know which religion or non-religion, which country or county, which nationality or subculture's interpretation of life was right. Until I chose to look inward and began to connect the dots myself, purged my subconscious of the pressures and influences that never gained the insight to explore their own sense of themselves, and grasp life for the deeper foundational layers.

I never understood constellations. People would point out sections of the night sky and describe godlike figures or patterns that I was never able to interpret. It made me feel less insightful, it made me want to memorize all the books, labels and interpretations so I could appear as deep as the people who seemed to see what I couldn't. As hard as I looked, I couldn't see what others saw.

Until I looked inward, created my own objective impulse that lit up an ocean only equal to the sky, inside of me. Now I see my own internal interpretations, expressed externally throughout other cultures and other subconscious interpretations. A sense of special relativity, beyond time and space. A sense of renaissance, of enlightenment, of empowerment, of evolution, of life itself.

I was scared to face the shadow I felt inside that I couldn't grasp, until I connected the dots and looked where I least expected, and found the spark I've been literally dying to find since the moment of my very first impulse. Who I was, before insecurity took hold, as it does to us all.

The Big Bang never made sense, until I experienced it. A force of nature that I was convinced is unrepeatable and beyond the scope of any human being to ever wrestle, until I created the impulse for myself and had to process it for myself. A universe inside me was reborn that day, and with each impulse I have generated since.

Things don't feel the same, same as everyone else. Except for the few throughout time that were brave enough and objective-minded to connect the dots for themselves. I never wished upon or imagined catching a shooting star, until I connected the dots and grasped my own.

I feared the label of crazy my entire life, so I grounded my imagination to my shallow environment. But I was left with no other option, and I'd never go back. You can call me crazy, you've called people like me crazy for centuries... but that simply reflects your interpretation of my experience and the foundation of your subconscious and imagination. Or lack thereof.

Misinterpreting life is the opposite of courage. Build your own interpretation and explore. Because anything other than your own interpretation of life is a mis(s). We only get one shot, you better take it. Or you will regret it, trapped in a subconscious void, suffocated of light, impulses and elements of/for life.

Aim high, be bright and be sharp. No pressure or shadows can stand up to you after. Self-empowerment that few could ever relate to is not for the faint of heart or mind. But thankfully other people's misinterpretations are not a prerequisite for the brightest and sharpest of us. That space is reserved for the common who lack their own sense, of depth. Of imagination. Of life.

Who gleefully choose to blindly serve as demonstrations of dim subjective misinterpretations.


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