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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

Develop Your Own Compass

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Imagine a joystick for your impulses? Imagine a way to control the way your brain functions, how it generates and interprets the current it conducts and composes? Imagine your own imagination, free of all the ghosts and limitations of the past generations' lack of insight into their own subconscious? Imagine the freedom of internal understanding... where conditions used to be?

You can't memorize your way through life, but you can learn to process your way through it. It's the only way to make it, alive.

That is the goal we all set out to achieve, before we were misdirected towards superficial outer measurements, temporary elements and pieces of flare that we were told would lead to security.

Living long enough to be afforded the luxury to think for oneself, to reevaluate life the way we choose to, to measure our current for what we feel it not only is, but could be if we decided to not only apply ourselves differently in more objective ways with reevaluated insight into why the past suffered the way it truly did, but to do it in ways that our influences could never have imagined.

Or is our goal to maintain the same prejudiced identities for the same cowardly-meaningless reasons and misguided depth of field that our past generations grasped to for any sense of objective relevance, even if clearly fallacious without any foundation that could never last longer than the pressure applied to believe them? What if your ancestors lived the way they did so you could grasp the opportunity they did not have, or could not grasp for themselves? The freedom and insight to reevaluate everything. Not just the what, how and who.. but the why of it all?

Learning to fly is to develop one's own "Why Axis" to teach ourselves to take flight, and soar above the physics of our environment & elements that grounded the nature of our past.

It's not about who is right or wrong, it's about developing our own nature and learning to divide and multiply concepts and definitions into multi-dimensional ways of measuring their elements.

You don't need to understand physics, you don't need to memorize a single thing. All you need to do is feel, and open your imagination. The rest will fill itself in, once you spark your sense of discovery that you had lost during your pursuit of becoming something you never meant to become, because of feelings and pressures you never expected to feel or ever imagined you could ever be consumed by, It's not about something making sense to you, it's about how you learn to make sense of everything around you, for yourself and for all the right impartial neutral reasons.

It's only complicated if you lack an open mind, a courageous desire to explore your own headspace and a willingness to look out at the world and in to yourself with a lens untethered to the selfish.

The real thing, when it happens to you... doesn't look like that. It only feels exactly like that.

When your mind begins to open, hold on tight because it will be the ride of a lifetime.


- The internal current we all generate within


- Our external sources of comfort and relevance



- The external pressure and current we express


- The internal pressure and current we process



- What people can see with their own eyes


- What we project so others can sense that of us


- Our instruments that evolve our sense of being


- The objective culmination of our procession



Discomfort - What we feel that inspires us to improve our own current/comfort

Instability - What we look to solve for greater security with each impulse we create

Variables - The barriers we feel that are preventing us from greater security

Principles - The pillars of the barriers that are preventing us from greater heights

Precedent - The foundation of our understanding of the world and ourselves

Point of View - The focal point of who we feel we are and our place within the world


Convenience - What we feel is most efficient to achieve in the shortest-term

Sympathy - How we are told "good people" relate to others around them

Interest - How much something or someone else's current affects our own

Appearance - External impulses that are triggered by our subjective senses

Insecurity - What we feel we are lacking that would make us feel more whole

Hindsight - Our own subjective narrative of events, impulses and elements


Comfort - A sense of internal balance and self-esteem that feels positive

Stability - A sense of internal imbalance that inspires our own growth

Values - A sense of what matters most to a more fulfilled state of being

Principles - A sense of the foundation of a more fulfilled state of being

Creativity - A sense of the process to achieve a more fulfilled state of being

Perspective - An ultra and overview of the achievement of all of our dreams


Compassion - A culmination of all we have come to discover

Empathy - A culmination of all we have come to discover

Figures - A culmination of all we have come to discover

Relativity - A culmination of all we have come to discover

Fulfillment - A culmination of all we have come to discover

Insight - A culmination of what all we have come to discover

It's not about judging or following anyone else's internal compass or philosophy, it's about coming up with and developing your own, the evolution of our internal physics and the affects on our own headspace, because after all... that is all we will have left with us when we pass on. That and our sense of direction, momentum and integrity of our perspective insight and the depth within.

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