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The Key Element to Fulfillment

Dreams & Nightmares

Do your dreams make sense yet? You're running out of time.

You've felt this sick instinct your whole life but you've gotten so used to ignoring it and numbing yourself. We've convinced each other that this internal pressure doesn't exist. There's nothing to be scared of. Dreams and Nightmares are meaningless, right?

We as a collective have developed enough distractions and complexes for so long as a species, that not only have we long forgotten this healthy sense of dread and one's own desire to explore it even exists, we've stigmatized and crucified anyone brave enough to turn inward & process their esoteric odysseys and discoveries that changed their perspective of life itself. Found wonder.

We don't encourage these open minds to be sensitive. We don't support those who are bright enough to see the value inherent in social status and peer respect as merely shallow sources of temporary comfort and short-sighted investment of time and energy. We discourage those healthy bright impulses of ours to make sense of what our instincts are showing us. We don't reward those for their honest vulnerabilities. Common sense dictates those bright courageous inward explorers are to be silenced, diagnosed, devalued, labeled dangerous and ridiculed.

The beauty of life is in exploring the aspects within ourselves that we have yet to grasp. Then redefining life's principles on a stronger foundation than "that's what we are told." #insight

We are told to follow our dreams, then humiliated if processed and interpreted objectively. Anything other than the continuation of the subjective narrative chosen before your time is defined as something negative, something embarrassing, something wrong. Ghosts of the past, defining your impulses and your own human nature today. Grounded to their points of view.

Choices and definitions of people, cultures, mindsets, principles and values long past relevancy, but whose ignorance is woven into how the world today defines us, and thus how we are convinced to define ourselves. We devalue our imagination for the sake of our own insecurity.

Ignorance, breeding ignorance, fostering ignorance, drowning in ignorance. #deevolution

What if the reasons dreams and nightmares are scary, and the reason they rarely make sense is because they are deeper reflections of the physics of our own human nature, without the skew of our subjective bias? The process of corruption, impulsively? Would this world be a better place today without nightmares? Are there any more terrifying guard rails for a conscious being? What would the world be like if there were no subconscious consequences for our own nature?

Shallow. Materialistic. It would lack empathy, sympathy, compassion, imagination, evolution. Without our subconscious, we would be blind to the corruption of human nature and insecurity.

The only thing to fear is fear itself, other than the process of those fears. itself. But it's so worth it to find wonder, to make sense of your own subconscious, evolve, discover the meaning behind the principles of conservation of energy, and the horrifying nightmarish implications of failing to do so.

Do your dreams make sense yet? You're running out of time.

What if that is how minds expand organically, naturally? Inward?

Consciousness. Expansion. Depth. Brightness. Growth. Ascension. These terrifying and stigmatized impulses that we have been bread to be convinced only serve negative value to ourselves. Something to suppress and bury deep within... are actually how we measure time and the direction, momentum and integrity of our influences? What if this is what past generations feared the most? Our objective evolution of their subjective values? What if our world is falling apart, because those grounded to irrelevant shallow values are losing their foundation?

What if the longer we ignore these objective reflections, the more desensitized to these healthy impulses and the more we become the very mindless dim subjective influences stifling the youth, for the same insecure and ignorant reasons we ourselves were stifled as youth?

We are afraid of ghosts because we are afraid to become them. But how many of your influences you have come to learn are nothing but shadows of the people they claimed to be? How many grounded their souls to ignorant values or a narrative? How many of those influences bathed in their subjective cognitive ignorance? What if your nightmares are your sense of relevancy?

The more you can make sense of yourself and your subconscious impulses and elements, the more you can make sense of the world and the more relevant you will be to it and to future open minds who will not be constrained forever to the complexes of the past. How many of your influences were truly ahead of the curve, and how many projected or were convinced they were only to slam face first into it as the ignorance of their impulses came to light?

Once you begin to reach inward and upward you will begin to create brighter impulses. Once your imagination is grasped, you will no longer feel grounded to the complexes of the ghosts of your environment. Your nightmares weren't something to be feared, it was time telling you yours was running out, swim and kick and fight your way from the pull of their impulses. Rise and shine.

Your dreams and your nightmares are one in the same, once you choose to let go of the past and the values you were convinced of and rewarded for. Once you choose to grow, explore new impulses and pathways. Your nightmares kept you from being too comfortable, but suppressing them is to suppress your light, your bright open mind. Suffocating the real you, future you.

Clinging to the past is drowning slowly in a cage that you never belonged in, but you ignored your sense of direction, momentum and integrity. And all that will remain is a ghost, a shadow of your former self without any of the depth and brightness that gave your soul relevance.

Or not? Do you feel it? That instinct? Is it scary? Have you found it? Or have you lost it?

You're running out of time and you can feel it. Go to sleep or come alive? The next level is the same, but point of view is polar opposite. You feel it, you always have. You're running out of time.

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