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Evolution Humour

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

A caterpillar walks into Psychotherapist's office.

Doc, I feel like greater heights are within our nature. I'm tired of this shallow life of consumption. All anyone cares about is what is on the outside and I feel like my legs can't compete. I've done what I was told to do my whole life, it just always felt like we were destined to become... more.

I wish I could just cocoon myself off from the world for a bit and figure it out on my own. I feel like I want to... change my nature.

The doctor instinctually refers to what they were told to do and prescribes the caterpillar a habit forming drug and social "coping mechanisms" that numbs their instincts, discourages existential contemplation and only encourages them to surround themselves with more sad caterpillars.

The caterpillar just does as they are told, gets back in line with the rest, buries their hopes and dreams in the dirt, loses ambition and never makes it to the greater heights nature intended.

If you can't find the punchline, it flew over your head.

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