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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

Face to Face with Physics Beyond My Horizon

Some call it a near death experience (NDE)... but for me, it was an accidentally-engineered inversion, of my entire thought process and a coming to life experience that I wouldn't trade for any other journey in existence.

I never had a "vision" in my life, until I gained vision into my own point of view and all the mechanisms, pressure and dark currents within my "healthy" childhood environment, to discover a greater perspective of insight than I ever could have imagined. Contrary to everything I have ever had imposed upon me by "common sense". One that I can encompass and embody to relate to every conscious being across all time and space, not just mine. A relativity so special it has to be grasped and forged to truly understand the heights of consciousness.

An inner-sense greater than all my external senses, coursing through my entire cellular system. From the core of my brain stem, to the tips of each nerve ending, and every cell in between. A sense of eternal empowerment and vision that can never be kept to myself, only shared with anyone who can relate to an open mind free of misconceptions, misinformation, deception and all subjective narrative elements.

Mind, body and spirit have new meaning to me now, but it took spearing it to see it for myself. Life is not about external consumption or appearances, but what is apparent deep within those who know enough not to let go searching for it. Inside.

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