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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

Face Value

What does it mean to pay your dues? What is the value of experience? Failure? What affect does time have on our points of view? How should we measure growth? How should I?

The answer to all of these questions and most other existential pressures, is insight.

Insight is how we learn to see beyond face value of the elements around us. Paying your dues is experiencing life for yourself, living and surviving in the trenches, watching the impulses of the more experienced and earlier generations, then reevaluating those pathways for yourself.

External demonstrations of other choices and points of view, the insecurities of the ages, the influences we looked up to and who they looked up to. The safety nets, manners and sources of comfort we have amassed during our time and space are only the first half of an intellectual compass we all must tool on our own journeys to becoming who we have always had the potential to encompass.

The value of experience is not in the length of time, but the depth of foundational understanding, of the systems and applications of the elements and pressures of your environment.

Deciding for yourself that who you have always been, could be the moment your life changes. Now realizing you must divide that wealth of information, ego, faults and failures you experienced into your own subjective adolescent experience, and begin a parallel perspective from above with your reevaluated point of view. Insight.

The value of segregating the way you saw the world before, when you only knew to look through the lens of your own insecurities, and the way you will see the world with clarity, once you have peered through the pressure that you have yet to understand or even know existed. Same as before. Realizing your moment of renaissance, understanding that your present self is always going to be somewhere in between.

Remember what it was like to experience puberty, then looking back at your childhood life and choices prior, realizing you had no idea back then. If you only knew at 5 what your 12 year old self came to understand... How different the two looked at the world and at themselves in the mirror.

We look back at how we handled pressure as developing youths, and wish we had the insight to recognize the elements that made us needlessly uncomfortable. Well, that negative pressure of insecurity never changes, it simply evolves. We as a collective just failed to evolve with it. Our minds have failed to rise above it, we merely learned to shield ourselves and weaponize it.

The affect of time on all points of view is the overwhelming pressure to gain our own depth of insight, to reach an instinctual level of brightness that is impossible to explain or quantify, today.

It either drives us mad or suffocates us with Alzheimers, for the most fortunate and privileged few that would continue to influence and encourage past generations' ignorance, if it wasn't for the benefit of mortality to an evolving species. That reality is not a grim one for those with the insight to make sense of the physics of impulses, and the negative value of inherent diminishing subjective impulses.

That reality is only terrifying for those who lack the imagination and foundational objective impulse value that only time can tell, for those able to read between the lines of common sense.

So how should we measure time? The same answer as all others, with insight.

We have been convinced that precedent is insight, but it is merely one point of measurement. It is up to each mind to evolve greater, more accurate points or landmarks, depth of observation, lens of focus and frame to encompass our ingenuity. We have all the tools we need to measure the outside world. What we need now is a new device to measure the affect of time on insecure impulses. If only we each had our own an independent objective ruler, that encompasses a conceptual device that we each have to discover and develop internally?

What if we looked to insight as our greatest tool. One that past generations might not have had the right principles, figures, variables, values and perspective to operate. Insight breeds insight, but so does ignorance. Only one has a bright trajectory, with a healthier momentum, direction and integrity.

It's physics, it's science, it's elementary. Unless you can only see the world at face value.

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