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Hockey Canada

What is the purpose for Hockey Canada?

They receive federal funding in addition to various sponsorships. So where is the transparency?

Interim board chair Andrea Skinner - Was she coerced into making the statement to defend Hockey Canada? To deflect from the “old boys club” mentality?

Where are the consequences for these people? Not just the guilty perpetrators of the 21 reported sexual misconduct cases since 1989, but the people who tried to cover it up.

Where are the criminal charges? If they are paying off the victims ($7.6 million since 1989), then there must have been enough validity to warrant belief that the victims were telling the truth. The perpetrators should not just face criminal charges, but there should have been a lifetime ban on playing hockey, coaching, or sitting on any board of directors.

Justin Trudeau’s statement to change the name to Canada Hockey is preposterous. It’s like Jeffrey Dahmer wanting to change his name. It doesn’t matter what it’s called, the inside is rotten.

We need to get rid of the organization altogether. It is tainted with obsolete, generational ugliness that is geared only to serve the selfish, self-serving idiots, and trying to protect the “boys” who have grown up entitled because of a sport they play. And sadly, it’s not just hockey. It’s not just sexual assault. It’s not just racism.

Major changes need to be done from the ground up, and encompass every sport.

We need to re-evaluate, and speak up. Enough is enough.

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