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I Was Terrified of the Dentist

One of the changes I made in 2020 was to take responsibility and prioritize my rapidly deteriorating oral health.

I was terrified of the dentist. As a child I was subjected to numerous fillings and procedures without anaesthetic and told that the more I squirmed and cried the more he would hurt me. He told me it was my fault, I was being a baby, he got more rough and it only made me more terrified… of dentists and of anyone finding out how much I was hurting. The nightmares were endless.

So, I neglected my teeth and the dentist the moment I was “mature” enough to, and suffered the migraines, pain, bacteria and infections for nearly 2 decades. Until I faced my trauma, until I took responsibility and made an appointment. It was never me, it was always him. And oral care has less to do with white teeth and more to do with healthy gums.

I have grown in many ways these last 2 years, and in ways most closed-minded “adults” could never understand. But the regrowth of my gums, rebirth of my mouth and sense of renewed ownership every time I brush my teeth has given me a boost of energy I thought I’d never feel again, and a different perspective of my past insecurities that will propel me forward and higher every single day for the rest of my life.

My immune system hasn’t felt this organically boosted in decades. How could I have expected to fight a severe and contagious respiratory infection, if I’m not even responsible and mature enough to battle a simple self-inflicted oral infection?

Rise and Shine.
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