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The Key Element to Fulfillment

Identity Complex

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

No child is born with an identity complex.

They are imposed within each life, cultivated and influenced by their shallow insecure environment by a lack of conscious awareness of the unnatural conditioning and pressure that each life prior gained comfort in. The issue we now face is "normal" has become "healthy." We learn to rationalize these complexes, as opposed to grasping & evolving our perspective of them.

We need to learn to look down on these pathways, objectively.

Identity and culture based on nothing but precedent or subjective self-interest that applied to a time that has long faded in relevance, without a reevaluated foundation of objectivity and evolution is not a safe space, it is a prison of the mind that must not be overlooked. Or we will continue to be blind to what has confined our scale, our sense of direction, momentum & integrity.

It is our ability to change and reevaluate our own internal physics that sets us apart.

Children don't dream about social success, adulation, looking attractive, legacy or material bullshit, that's what the insecure world around them interprets and instills in them as life goals.

Happiness are moments when we feel less insecure. Fulfillment is learning to face, process and grasp those insecurities to begin to evolve beyond what others fail to see or sense within themselves.

Happiness is being lifted up by others. Fulfillment is standing tall on one's own foundation of understanding based on overcoming complexes that few ever could.

Once any person from any background or any education level becomes conscious of their conditioning, pressures and complexes that defined their point of view, which never made them or anyone truly feel fulfilled, any person can begin to reevaluate themselves and the insecure world around them desperate for happiness, because they lost sight of fulfillment.

The only way to change direction is to first recognize which direction we are heading and identify the bearing that drew us into that state of mind and reality.

Happiness always fades, while fulfilment is ever evolving.

Once you escape your complex, you will look out at the world and see everyone suffering within their shrinking headspace desperate for happiness, while falling further and further from their sense of fulfillment that they surrendered for comfort.

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