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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

Insight Into Holistic Healing

Throughout all recorded civilizations, there has been a vast array of different interpretations for energy, positivity, a sense of harmony, an internal frequency, spiritual synergy, aligned chakras or internal balance, and countless other magical or mystifying "non-scientific" conceptualizations and visualizations. If we are faced with an interpretation or expression of something we are unable to relate to, unaccustomed to or we feel challenges our core foundation and nature of ourselves, we impulsively choose not to evaluate it objectively. We dismiss, we characterize.

Different minds from all different corners across time, trying to express, measure and define sensations that can only be conveyed through esoteric & conceptual language or imagery. Too many to make sense of, which one to believe? None, it's about gaining the insight to thread the needle and connect the dots for yourself.

From the earliest of cave drawings to discoveries of ancient language that has been long indecipherable. Remnant temples, myths and cultures that defy our understanding of the physics of conscious awareness, life meaning, aliens, celestials and gods, principals who give their entire world a foundation of meaning and direction. Different interpretations, but #eery coincidences.

Reading between the lines is to gain the insight to impulsively pierce the surface level details, peering through the cloud of superficial elements in order to see the impulses that connect the figurative dots. Once you do, you will never be the same.

The answer isn't found in the scientific method, because the only way to measure and define life is to expand our scale of it. The only tool to do this is with our ability to see beyond the generations before us, reevaluate the foundations of who and what we are, not for the sake of the past but for the brighter objective that every long-standing subjective faith, belief and culture promised, yet failed to deliver.

Time is not something to fear, it's a scale to measure the physics of nature. Every facet of human nature around you, balanced with the insight into human nature inside of you.

Are you ahead of your time or behind it? Are your impulses generating positive or negative elements? Has your perspective of the world and of yourself evolved? Do you feel brighter every day, or more and more dim every day? What if the foundation of my nature is flawed, and within my power to evaluate and evolve? What if I feel sick, because I am sick and have always been sick? But science couldn't measure the depth of my point of view... or lack there of? Do I feel free?

What if faith isn't about kindness? What if prayer was misinterpreted? What if we have simply lacked the insight to grasp what these impulses and elements represent?

What if holistic medicine isn't about curing the body of toxins, but begins with curing our own points of view of the poisonous elements that grounded us, drained us of our positivity and stunted our growth? What if the insecurities of our leaders and principal figures of our development lead us down the dimming pathways we have found ourselves down/in?

The more we understand the physics of our perspective, the more our minds and bodies adapt. These unmeasurable quantum level changes within the nucleus of the way we see the world affects every fibre of our being, expanding our sense of insight that only the most special can relate to, who discovered the impulses and elements needed that we hadlong buried and forgotten.

Searching inward and finding the stem of your impulses creates a surge throughout the nervous system, triggering a fusion of elements that begin to expand, divide and multiply inward.

There are no drugs, no doctors, no experts to do it for you. So, Hold on tight. Fulfillment isn't for the faint of heart, it's meant only for the strong of heart. Welcome to Pandora's Box. #polybius

Once you see it, there's no turning back. But I promise you, the new you will thank you. And if you get lost, we can help. Enjoy the process, one rose is bloom is brighter than a world with nothing but roots.

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