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Leadership Misunderstood?

What does it feel like to be ahead of the pack? What does it mean to lead the field? What kind of qualities have we been told apply to these archetypes, why and do they still apply today?

Growing up, leaders are sought after. They are scouted, moulded, groomed and encouraged to take over the mantle from those who came before. It is the foundation of all developing systems.

Every generation's past leaders, influencing current generations' leaders, looking for the same aspects and points of view within future generations that they all possessed, cemented and found value in as a culture. Qualities and principles that separated themselves from the rest of their age.

Spoiler Alert: Leaders aren't those who follow the rules the most strictly and for the same subjective reasons as the past, they are those who question and process what they are told, determining for themselves a more fruitful course, objectively.

Without a compass of their own, a foundational understanding and visual sense of why that course should or should not continue, other than the pressures of subjective insecurity and irrelevance they feel to do so, that mind is not that of a leader. Simply a blind follower.


Doing as one is told does not make a leader. An open mind makes a leader. Not understanding why, other than what other "leaders" do is not the hallmark of a leader, and a clear signal that they are not who they claim to be. True leaders are not looking to lead, they see the world differently and more objectively. They have an overview that others could never understand or relate to.

Leaders don't want to be right, empowerment is not a choice, they just can't unsee how inefficient and baseless many of the systems put in place by previous generations are and only increase to be. Leaders are the few who stick their necks out, to follow their own course and are proven later to be ahead of their time. Followers only prove that they have been behind it the whole time.

What if we haven't had a real leader, a true role model for every system to look up to.... ever?

Leaders aren't made or groomed, they are forged within an objective headspace surrounded by subjective minds and influences. Leaders see that the others are drowning in their own self-entitlement of outdated and obsolete systems and sources of relevance, and learn to face that pressure and process it objectively. Followers hate change, true leaders create and thrive in it.

Generation after generation, doing what they are told, failing to realize until too late that they are and always have been simply the pawns and ignorant followers of their own subjective ghosts.


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