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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

Peace of Mind

What's the difference between happiness and fulfillment? Piece vs Peace.

We have been convinced happiness and fulfillment are the same thing but what most realize far too late (if at all) is they are polar opposites.

We sacrifice our own sense of fulfillment for a general sense of happiness. The foundation of our common sense is inside out.

We develop these inverted mindsets because we are rewarded for short-term self-interest, at the cost of our long-term best-interest. The physics of our minds lack the depth of an objective scale, the insight the past did not possess, and the clear evidence of a biological lack of expansion and imbalance of evolution, within our impulses to match the elements we have adapted to brave.

Happiness is a fleeting reflection of fulfillment. Fulfillment is eternal peace of mind.

Fulfillment comes from processing the dichotomy of the two, adapting one's own impulses and learning to create positive charges within negative elements. Happiness comes from producing the opposite, negative charges within positive elements. And that is the source of depression that all adults must learn to process to evolve on their own to begin to create a greater sense of fulfillment, happiness being a byproduct. No drugs or alcohol, no distractions, no coping mechanisms or social accolades could stimulate in the same way, to the same depths and with the same sensations as the past.

One option is easier in the moment, but the view from above is worth the extra effort. Because that is the perspective impulses you will see in the afterlife, and it is priceless, timeless, peaceful, happy and fulfilling.

A positive charge, beyond the negative elements.

Your choice. Choose peace of mind, don't settle for a just a piece.

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