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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

Reframing The Discourse

It's one thing to have a conversation and a point of view, but you are in a whole new league when you learn to have insightful conversations about the conversations and points of view themselves.

The advancements in technology have provided outlets and inlets for communication never before available to so many minds, hearts and voices. But as our tools and instruments evolve, our ability to measure and make sense of the foundation of each point of view within must keep pace.

Insightful Philosophy is an evolution of a "Pros and Cons" list. Re-imagined to express depth and dimension, to distinguish between two main diversifications: Security and Insecurity.

Any conversation or point of view grounded in subjective insecurity is expressing their own shallow self-interest, resulting in an unhealthy discourse that will never arrive at a place of empathy, only sympathy at best. Sympathy might seem like a good thing, but it is the antithesis of fulfillment for both sides. Sympathy divides, empathy connects us in a deeper healthier space.

Any conversation or perspective with the foundation of objective security for the best interest of each and every point of view, not just our own... is the constructive conversation and discourse that will leave all parties better in the long run, deepen each perspective and find relativity.

Discourse isn't about being right or wrong, it's about gaining deeper insight into a different point of view than is familiar. Constructive conversation has nothing to do with maintaining precedent, and everything to do with reevaluating it and evolving our understanding of each other and the world. The fact that we all see the world at a slightly different angle isn't something to detest within each other, it is something that needs to be grasped and appreciated for the wealth of information available, if open to processing it for the sake of security.. and not the subjective insecurities our environments instilled in us at an age when we were most susceptible.

By reframing each conversation before having it, and starting with the mindset of objective security to expand each points of view's insightful perspective, we can begin to increase a sense of fulfillment and creativity. Minds can learn to reevaluate past subjective principals to discover a greater sense of principles and relativity. Sharing different figures and values that were instilled in us, and using the variables to bridge the gap between each of us, as opposed to using these superficial differences to widen it. Processing and Exercising the ghosts we carry with us because we are told we must, by generations who knew no better and created their own shallow claims to relevance, and power; dark and dim complexes and structures that remain, yet should be obsolete.

We live in a new "Information Age," but we are focusing on the wrong information.

There are more dimensions, elements and impulses within each evolving perspective, than there are anywhere and everywhere else in the entire observable universe surrounding us.

The core issue is we are trained to capitalize on others' insecurities, for our own material self-interest and sense of relevancy, when the only way to truly capitalize is to bridge the gaps between each and explore the depths and beauty within each. All from simply re-evaluating the conversation for ourselves, with a brighter objective that other generations couldn't imagine.

The past focused on only the subjective elements, their own self-interest, what they valued as strength, working tirelessly to bury their insecurities and inflating their own self-worth.

And it has cost us more than we can ever quantify, but regardless of the marketing and cognitive dissonance that is widespread within every aspect and community within our entire society, the reflection of the darkness within mankind will reflect and echo generation after generation.

Until one generation decides to process this information, see beyond face value of common sense and enlighten the world by expressing and revealing the shallow mistakes of cultural insecurity. At the expense of each of our own insecurity complexes.

The "conditions" of the past are not our own, and those ghosts are not our responsibility to foster and carry. Both inside & out.
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