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The Key Element to Fulfillment

Regaining Your Thirst For Life

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Can you remember what it was like to wake up every morning excited to learn new amazing things? Do you remember how it felt when you experienced those profound internal sensations of life's dots connecting, the world forming before you and seeing yourself evolve in front of your own eyes? That sense of wonder fuelling your whole sense of being, day after day, upward faster and faster, more and more free with every hard uncomfortable but world-defining lesson?

If you can't remember, you're not alone. Everyone around you slowly lost their spark, that drive, that thirst to challenge their own convention in favour of a deeper sense of bright fulfillment.

And I can prove it. Or even more accurately, time proves it. It's proving it more and more every day, if you know how to look for it. But thankfully, those sparks from all those suffering around you are not entirely extinguished yet. Just lost. And the only way to find them is for each of us to process our lives, anew.

We are convinced life is about happiness. Cultivating and accruing memories while avoiding as many of life's struggles and negative experiences as possible. We learn to mitigate pain in the name of security, as opposed to what it really is; creating comfort zones to avoid and defend our shallow insecurities and subjective disillusionment. Defining grievances and cementing them over a lifetime of despair, alternative pursuits, competitions, complexes and roles to keep us engaged.


Life isn't about what we do, what anyone thinks, what people remember or what we build, it's about the philosophy we develop throughout the process of the life we are building, collectively.

The more we bury our insecurities, the more we ignore the impulses to reevaluate our influences, our direction, our momentum and the integrity of the nature of our own narratives. And the less we gain the insight to create a brighter foundation and composition for the future; yours and everyone else's who follows. You've been feeling it for a long time, you just didn't know why. You are less happy today because prior generations refused to do what current generations are refusing to do. Reevaluate everything that makes us... us. That makes us who we are, and why.

You haven't failed yourself... if you haven't given up on starting over and sparking your imagination in ways you could never have imagined when you made the life decisions that lead you to today, and to who you have become. You can feel it, deep in your bones. A new perspective shift is what you've been craving, internally. It's scary, but you're more than ready for a fresh start. A view of the world without the influences that nudged you and everyone you've ever met astray, without a compass of our own for each of us to measure our own structural pathways and sense of integrity for ourselves. Lost children, told what we must do with our lives before knowing any better.

One positive objective open mind is worth a lifetime of internal suffering to open, if it creates a positive reflection of the true nature of our past and the environments that fostered it all.

Free will is something that has been lost, for the sake of normalcy and social obligations. Until we begin to look inward, explore our own headspace and learn to measure our own impulses and the specific and non-specific elements that affected every aspect of our lives and those around us, for ourselves, in real-time. That is power that can't be measured, only harnessed for the sake of right.

Easier said than done. Sounds like fairytale bullshit. Nonsense woke communism. Says the selfish subjective dim morons who only feel a zest for life by reducing the value of others'. Don't be them.

More to come.

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