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My Subjective Point of View on Religion

This controversial topic is not intended to insult anyone, or to sway you one way or the other, but I ask only that you begin with having an open mind.

I was raised Catholic, so I can relate to how strong people feel about their beliefs. But as time went on, I began to question my faith. Years ago, one co-worker told me since I didn’t go to church every week, I was going to hell. I was embarrassed, I felt less than, not a good person, not “worthy.” But what defines a good person? Why do I need to attend a church every week? And my co-worker, what entitles her to make me feel inferior? Is that a good person?

The last straw for me was booking a date for my son’s baptism. Because I was a single mother, the priest said he wasn’t sure if he would be able to perform the ceremony.

So why punish an innocent child? Why punish anyone?

Most religions instill fear in their followers, such as fear of not making it to “heaven.”

The foundation of the Catholic religion is based on what others said over 2000 years ago. They came up with their own interpretations, then passed on those interpretations throughout the years. But what if they were wrong? Take a moment, and ask yourself, what if?

And what keeps religion going? Unfortunately, it’s the almighty (no pun intended) dollar. When I see evangelists live like Kings instead of using those donations for worthy causes, it makes me cringe. W5 did a documentary the other night regarding the Mormons in Canada who transferred over a billion dollars to Brigham Young University.

Their summary was that it is a business who dabbles in religion, instead of a religion who dabbles in business.

Should you have faith in an ideology or faith in yourself to question every ideology, including re-evaluating your own? All the obstacles you have overcome in your life have come from your strength and your perseverance.

So, if there is a God, why are people in the world suffering? If there is a God, whose religion is right?

Make up your own mind. Don’t be afraid to explore and question what others have said as truth.

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