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The Key Element to Fulfillment

Reviewing The Reviewers (Video)

Public opinion is only as good as the insecurities below the surface.

The loudest and most populous voices are rarely the sharpest, and most often the exact antithesis.

Disclaimer: The following review is of the points of view of these specific types of entitled foundations of validation ("Traditional" men). Although insecurity is the answer to each philosophy, this review is about the subjective nature of what these men expect from entertainment, narratives & most importantly why.

These types of influences are destroying objective evolution, who validate the disillusionment of the most entitled and ignorant as legitimate points of view only enable the worst within a large subsection of the population who are increasingly losing their claims to relevance and power over the perception of themselves and the systems that defined them their entire lives.

Diversity is seen as a bad thing when one's foundation of self is built upon these superficial variables and out-dated institutions that only serve the most dim and the most irrelevant to growth.

The only nightmare facing these closed-minds grounded to their shallow mindsets and ignorant systems of validation is the reality that their entire sense of themselves has been flawed and corrupted beyond their ability to retrace their own steps to reevaluate their structural pathways and the loss of their production of dopamine by any means other than external gratification of their principals and values of which will never stand the test of time, or evolution.

More to come. Click the video link above.

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