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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

Social Imposition

Every one of your insecurities, every single ounce of disillusionment is something that has been pressured onto and into you by the world around you. Superficial values that were imposed on all of us by the nature of the insecure environment around us.

You were not born this way, the world made you this way. You only care how you look, because other people care how they look. And we want to fit in. We are too young to make sense of our feelings and impulses, so we look to others for guidance. Because we don't know better, yet.

We look to those who adapted to feel less insecure, as opposed to gaining the insight into our insecurities themselves. That's what asking ourselves the tough questions means.

Everything that made you feel bad as a child stems from this impulse, it has stifled your imagination and the evolution of those healthy objective impulses you were able to generate before the world made you feel bad about yourself. Since, you've been competing to feel like less of a failure, less ugly, less unhealthy... and it has only had the opposite affect.

Once you realize everything you are and the way you see the world is grounded in "not feeling bad about yourself," you will begin to reclaim your past from a brighter perspective, with greater clarity and a renewed sense of propulsion to change course. A renaissance of immeasurable proportions. All that anxiety, all those tears, all those nightmares, all a waste of energy.

Like drawing back a bow and letting your flaming arrow fly. Finding ways to feel less insecure is the opposite of evolving into a secure and fulfilled state of mind.

You're not insecure, the world is insecure. Fitting in is giving up on ever feeling fulfilled and never truly grasping your insecurities for what they are, superficial. Be brighter than the darkness around you.

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