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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

Plato’s Allegory of The Cave

If you were to wake up all alone with no help, in a pitch black cave with nothing but a match, would you light it?

What if that tiny flame began to reveal the truth, that you are surrounded by the most nightmare-inducing creatures imagineable, but they seem afraid of light… Would you stand there frozen and terrified, as the match dimly flickers through their breath?

Eyes, tentacles and teeth getting closer, above you, everything salivating as they wait for your light to go out. Do you pretend this isn’t happening? Do you waste your energy praying, wishing or trying to pretend to be a monster like them?

Or would you find any way to make your flame bigger, see everything for what it is and do everything within your power with every ounce of breath to find your way out of the seemingly never-ending labyrinth, before your light extinguishes?

Humanity has it easy. The only creatures we have to overcome by maintaining our flame… is our own selves, and once you get out… your self-esteem will begin to shine.

If you feel lost, the only thing clouding your way out is the fear of the dark monsters and pressures surrounding you. You need to face the reality of the cave you have found yourself in and the truth that you never belonged in their environment.

You aren’t a failure, yet.

You aren’t sad, you just haven’t lit your match yet. Find your way out, or increasingly feel yourself being slowly digested. We all suffer from the same tunnel, and are given the exact same match.

Don’t give up. Look in, breathe deeply and feel the light.

You got this.

Fresh air, almost there.

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