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The Gravity of Addiction ~ Part I

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Addiction is about an infinite more than just alcohol, drugs and other negative stigmas and escapes. One of the brain's primary core functions is addiction. Your entire chemistry is addicted to positive impulses and elements, and shapes us all. Our ability to recognize, evaluate and apply these impulses and elements is how we learn to evolve this core biological function.

It is nearly impossible to understand what it feels like to be impulsively dependent on specific substances, environments and stimulations unless you've experienced identical gravitational forces of nature within these biological impulses which over time, shape our points of view.

All of us struggle by grounding our impulses to reverential pathways and familiarities that remind us of who we used to be, who we thought we were and would be, or how we used to feel inside and out. But those external triggers will always diminish in impulsive value as time passes. Reflections are meant to be referential, not reverential. To look inward, not backward.

The more we bury, ignore and over-value these declining referential impulses and elements, the more reverential we become and the less aware we choose to be of the physics of our choices, the nature of our environment and the more ignorant and shallow our perspective becomes.

Unfortunately, mankind's priority has been to ignore and convince the outside world that people are more happy and fulfilled than they truly are internally and existentially. The processing of which is left to our twilight years. And the stigma towards anyone who expresses disillusionment or attempts to process impulses and elements others have long chosen to build their pathways to avoid can be more severe and detrimental than simply giving up on any and all internal objective esoteric pursuits and potential, Which only leads to greater external negative dependencies.

There is nothing embarrassing about addiction. The problem isn't with the individual, it is with the environment that fostered negative impulses within a bright mind looking to evolve beyond the capacity of those around them, or in a different direction for different reasons.

The more we learn to frame the world around us by what is apparent to most people, culturally-grounded mindsets or to those of our time and space who appear least insecure, the more we lose control of our own life trajectories and impulses.

There are few realities as challenging as being on the outside looking in. These negative substances, environments and stimulations almost always begin as an inlet to satisfying this instinctual need to feel comfortable, valued and on the inside. We spend our lives blindly leaping from comfort zone to comfort zone, from foundation to foundation. Exploring and securing as many positive impulses as we can before our time runs out.

But to some of us, this looks like the opposite of making the most our time. To us, this kind of mindset always feels like a waste of our potential that increasingly cripples us with guilt and shame, leaving us trapped in an ever shrinking comfort zone, Stranded on an internal island.

If everyone you've ever known spent their entire lives walking towards a bridge simply to jump off of it, would you follow them downward because you've been wired to look up to them & follow?

The more we look to those who have resigned to external pursuits to feel less insecure, the less we will ever be able to lead ourselves to an internal place of security. Going the other direction, inward and upward is learning to process these influences as demonstrations of blind impulses and lack of insight.

Disillusionment and mid-life crisis occurs for all of us at different stages and periods, but it stems from developing a sense of scale of the world around us and inside. Discovering an inner truth that is nearly impossible to find, let alone grasp and become comfortable processing internally.

Addictive substances are what we ground our impulses to externally to distract and suppress the physics of our diminishing sensations and sense of relevance. Addiction grounds us in a subjective mindset, helping us ignore the objective nature that is meant to bring on a new brighter deeper unpredictable and unprecedented age that we have always dreamed of achieving, internally.

Drugs, booze, material, popularity, trophies, stats and bucket lists are for those who failed to develop insightful impulses.

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