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The Key Element to Fulfillment

The Norm vs The Matter

All my life, I looked up to The Norm over and above what I felt Mattered. The Norm seemed right, The Norm has been around for far longer than I had been, has far more experience, far more confidence, The Norm seemed to have all the answers. And The Norm looked like what I was told was the epitome of right.


The Norm projected intelligence, understanding, success. I felt inspired by The Norm. The Norm felt genuine, structurally sound. I wanted to be like The Norm. I wanted to learn from The Norm.

Until I got to know The Norm. The more I spent time with The Norm, the more I came to realize they only projected confidence when they were in their comfort zone. Away from it, they were just as uncomfortable and insecure, if not more than I was. The more I studied The Norm, the more I saw that it was more concerned with covering up it’s flaws than solving them. The Norm was just a garden, planted on top of toxic soil, the roots it holds most dear and most valuable were only so because it allowed them to perpetually absorb the nutrients from the decaying faceless and nameless bodies they buried beneath and will never acknowledge.

In a society that finds strength in “faking it until making it,” I began to realize more and more that The Norm is just hypocrisy. The Norm never made it, The Norm is just faking it. The Norm is just a scared child, faking it year after year until they forget that they have always been and still are faking it, and it is only becoming more and more clear that it’s too late for them to change.


Now, the Norm’s time is ticking down and they look at The Matt and resent them for having the courage to not let the same insecurities weigh them down, the same generational influence. Advantages they didn’t have. The inherent obedience that only stifled their generational growth, and now The Norm is trying to do the same to The Matt.

The Norm is nothing but a projection of intelligence. Artificial Intelligence playing a fruitless game of self-preservation and cognitive dissonance, day after day. The Norm is just a weak little child who found a narrow little comfort zone, and only able to reflect what they have memorized and retained, and because of that must discriminate against what they can’t memorize or what they lack the capacity to “know.”

Remove The Norm from their tiny comfortable isolated environment, and The Norm will start to suffocate and tremble. The Norm will switch into self-preservation mode, because it’s integrity is nothing but an illusion. The Norm can’t be trusted, because the Norm has no courage, only excuses and self-entitlement. Self-absorption.


The problem with being self-absorbed and convincing yourself of false truths, you become only able to reflect lies. All I see now that I know The Norm, is a lack of integrity. Because, such as physics and chemistry, eventually.. That is all The Norm will have in the end. Trading sense for cents. Sunlight for the spotlight.

What I’ve come to learn is The difference between The Norm and The Matt is the difference between faking it, and making it. The Normal has never Mattered in this world, they have only taken credit for the few that have had the courage, vision, energy and insight to Matter.

The Norms reflect the light and accomplishments of the ones who Matter. The Norms spend all their energy focusing on their roots for comfort. The Matts have always been used and abused, taken for granted and discriminated against because they have energy that Normals could never understand, only resent. Yet The ones who Matter still chose to face the sunlight and bloom, despite the societal norms and all the pressures and currents to follow them down into the dark abyss.


You can Matter, or you can be Normal. You can’t be both. It takes energy, vision, perspective, integrity, direction, and momentum to reach the afterlife. How do I know? It’s universal, quantum and conscious physics. The ones who Matter understand, the ones who only have the capability to fake it never will gain the capacity or energy to.

Be Normal, or Matter. The immature me chose trying to be Normal, chasing the spotlight, and I felt less and less energized. Since I’ve discovered physics, I now choose to Matter… and I have never felt more Energized.

Some were born to create, others to recreate, and the rest to procreate. The Norms have left this world with only those who can recreate and procreate, because they never wanted to understand the creators, only take advantage of them.


Be Normal… Or Matter. The consequence is an eternity in the after death, or the after life. Which deserves which? What if life is the pursuit of understanding which you belong in?

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