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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

The Process of Peer Pressure

Peer pressure shapes us all. From our parents & family, our subjective peers and our cultural environments, pressure 'to be or not to be' comes at us all from different angles, intensities and expectations.

As time passes, pressures change. Our lives take shape and evolve, pathways develop, impulses are generated, recreated and pursued. But as hard as we all try, this pressure never goes away.

Most learn to adapt their lives to lessen the pressure, or to numb the sense of it. As best they can

We live our lives based and driven by these elements, yet our beliefs into these pressures have barely evolved. We look to the past, precedent and tradition for answers and inspirations. We ground our imaginations, hopes and dreams, meaning and process of life to maintaining the pressure we face(d) that define(d) us as people, a society and a collective big picture as a whole. As opposed to dissecting that pressure so that future generations might not have to be forced to be crippled with, just because we were... with the same flawed structures and shallow complexes.

The only way to counter peer pressure is with time and objective insight.

2 key elements that are impossible to grasp and possess as children when our structural impulsive pathways are being developed and cemented. We learn to relate to or learn to avoid the insecurities similar to those nearest to us, and learn to adapt and turn a blind eye to our sense of ignorance that we all feel sick with, riddled with that leads most to the dimming and grounding of objective impulses. We fear our dreams because they turn into nightmares. We lose focus.

The analogy they use is "you can't teach an old dog new tricks," but that's because they've grounded their positive objective impulses in subjective ignorance. Their world has now been shaped by the pressures around them. They lost their ability to open their mind. They've lost their sense of wonder, of imagination and of hope, the elements that must be maintained and exercised to create and develop greater and deeper pathways of bright objective impulses.

A star wasn't always someone who entertained, they were the few who inspired.

The only way to continue to evolve is to exercise your ability to process your own impulses. By simply looking externally to shallow and dark demonstrations of false confidence, we lose the ability to process the insecurity below the surface. Precedent is for those without insight.

The external pursuits we spend our lives exhaustively trying to memorize, collect, impress or achieve, can at best temporarily mitigate the pressure we failed to process as we developed in these highly charged environments of our youth. The pressure of the social system that has more value than authenticity, individuality, unlabelled pursuits of internal impulses that they lost the ability to create.

Peer pressure and external pursuits can only get you halfway. Each one of us must turn inward, discover our own sense of our bright objective impulses free of the pressure of our peers, allow ourselves for the first time in our lives to be vulnerable to ridicule.. which has never served our best interests, only our short-term subjective insecurities.

Imagine how different you could be, how different you could feel, and how brighter your impulses could be if you didn't listen to what we now realize were the most insecure and ignorant influences, demonstrations and cultural value.

If each person objectively reevaluated their impulses, they would get different results. And the world would be a better place.

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