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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

The Wisdom In Loving Yourself

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

I had struggled to love myself my entire life,

...until I accidentally peered through the pressure of my environment, culture and social system, unpredictably gaining a depth of insight into my own impulses that I had only dreamed of, reaching the source of my disillusionment though a radioactive cloud of judgment that had been growing, infecting and suffocating me ever since I began to ground my sense of imagination to "fit in."

Sure, throughout my entire life I felt fortunate, more than most for my personal subjective situation.. but that was only when I compared myself to others as I was told to do. I was convinced that feeling or thinking anything else was unappreciative and disrespectful to others.

But that wasn't making me feel fulfilled anymore. Only the opposite.

Being content with what others are content with never felt like an answer to me. Thinking like them made me feel less positive. Fitting in didn't feel as good as it used to and the older I got the less I could ignore it. My senses and my world were getting more and more stale, yet every option and influence was not an option for me.

And I'm eternally fortunate for feeling that way, because I would never have gained the insight I needed to not only find myself, but truly love myself. At last.

“He made it up!”

What is a leap of faith?

There are few things as beautiful and as powerful as coming of age, and nothing as unpredictable to a foundation of one’s self. My dreams and nightmares never made sense, until by accident they all of a sudden did… and my world turned inside out. Unexpectedly and unpredictably. Life is not what I thought.

“Insight is a whole new sense of immeasurable profit that is meant to be shared, something so proudly humbling that it reshapes all who have ever gained such a perspective."

External judgment is nothing to fear, and it almost cost me literally everything of value. I didn’t know I lost myself decades ago, until I found myself where I least thought to look.

The only thing to fear in this world is developing the wrong impulses in the wrong direction, based on the pressure of those who lost themselves and lost their ability to create their own new objective senses for themselves.

I thought wisdom was one thing my whole entire life, until I discovered for myself how the experience of developing insight can fulfill my point of view.

Beware of grounding your impulses to other’s shallow misinterpretations. Dreams are meant to be grasped, and only you can grasp them for yourself. You can’t make this shit up. But you can misinterpret them. It’s all a matter of perspective. Literally and figuratively.

What is profit? That’s up to every single person. The cost however, is steeper than you could ever imagine. Heaven is real, and so is the leap... but what insight has given me is the grounding I need to find it for myself, and I promise you it is not a reward after your life. Heaven is life itself.

Insight is a whole new sense of profit.

Happily ever after.

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