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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment


Updated: Oct 24, 2022

How are we to know if our thought process is evolving correctly?

Imagine a system of objective validation at your very own fingertips. A way to see whether we are on the right track with our lives. Independent of what the past dictates and defined. Imagine holding a sense of right and wrong in the palm of your hand. Like a crystal ball that can tell you not only your fortune & future, but witness the evolutionary process of biological information itself.

Every single able mind is born with this exact tool, that can either be forged, shaped and wielded to achieve a scale never before measured, or if wasted can ground any once bright mind to diminishing value as validation evolves beyond their grasp.

Leaving those once bright minds grounded to the past, trapped in an unrecognizable world and limited to dark confining spaces. Mere reflections of toxic influences and inverted psychology.

Validated only by cultural beliefs that filled their void of bright positive objective thought process.

The more they look to the past and others for validation, the more they are facing the wrong direction and the less capable and comfortable they become as the world evolves beyond their capacity to enlighten their thought process to keep pace,

They have past their prime and have only to fade away into irrelevance remaining ahead.

The life-long validity of their shallow self-interest will be their own undoing, for each and every once-open mind that looked to their environment for validation and comfort. When what each individual had to do was reevaluate those influences, those mindsets, those thought processes to begin to measure the diminishing current, value and relevance that these systems of validation not only pose the future, but only served the most insecure and entitled throughout history.

Kindness is an illusion, and in service of those who enable or disguise suffering for their own benefit and sense of overvalued self-interest. Validating the evil that they claim to stand against.

This might not make sense at first, because it is an inversion of everything that has been validated and pressured, conditioned and encouraged to believe for nearly all of modern civilization and how past generations have perceived human nature, from their insecure points of view.

Survival of the fittest is not about outer-strength, it has always been about inner-strength and being able to peer through the pressure. It was just difficult to express and have validated by primitive societies, lacking the insight into what the ancestral/incestual thought process served.

Only as temporary identity complexes that stifle imagination and made it easier for future generations to lose sight of their objective impulses and their ability to compose and redefine them for themselves. All out of shallow, ignorant self-interest and fear of losing relevancy.

The more their environment validated their shallow behaviour and selfish thought process, the more they cemented them to a way of thinking that suffocated their ambition to rise above the fray. The death of imagination is the loss of evolutionary thinking.

Pay close attention to those struggling with disillusionment, and how they are "treated." What they are prescribed and the horrific side-effects that are quickly marginalized. Anything to not question the influences and system that has been put in place. Validate the system, the culture and the self-interest of the most shallow and insecure, or be invalidated by the same system.

But what if that's the whole point? Questioning why, reevaluating every subjective influence, system, conditioning and every one of the complexes that we have been pressured to believe, to follow, to stand for and to define ourselves by? What if that's what growing up means? What if finding our place in the system is to see it for what it truly is, and not what we were told it was.

And learn to measure the cause-and-effect of these impulses, these systems of validation, these insecurity complexes and these toxic influences? What if we have an opportunity past generations never had? The freedom to reevaluate what life truly means, the possibilities, the scale, the potential and how refusing to evaluate the way we think will only lead to our loss in ability to.

My dream was never success, adoration, fame, fortune or any of that subjective nonsense. My dream was always to be conscious of the world around me, and understanding why it was so.

What I didn't realize was in doing so, it would mean I would have to face each and every one of my nightmares, demons and flaws within not only my thought process, but all those around me.

And in doing so, I felt something foreign to me. Something I could never have imagined, quantified or even thought possible. I developed an internal sense of validation, objectively and timeless that I look forward to processing for all of eternity, the way life was meant to be not only lived, but experienced. The holy grail isn't a cup or a reward, it is a perspective that few could grasp. A thought process untangled and detached from the validation of one's subjective surroundings.

Achieving consciousness of one's own thought process is a sense of validation that will eclipse all other external sources, and one that will propel every open mind forward, inward and upward. Beyond the scope of space, time and ignorance.

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