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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

You Are Not Your Past

There are two ways to look at the world, from the inside out or the outside in. What that means to each individual is up to their interpretation, and their depth of insight into it.

Are you looking at the world inside out, or outside in? I didn't know the difference until I "made it" myself. If this sounds confusing, you're one of the majority. Every word I type, I do it with the understanding that most people who read my personal subjective expressions will not relate to how I see the world today. But I will continue to type every word nonetheless, because the majority isn't meant to relate, yet.. Just because most can't relate to me, doesn't mean I can't relate to them. The only way I have come to understand for me to relate to others now, is by relating to how I used to see the world before, and remembering how far I have come since.

“I never understood the premise of Einstein's Special Relativity, until my mind opened, my brain began to storm and my perspective turned inward revealing something so special it would be break anyone's mind to even attempt to quantify.
Challenge Accepted!”

I am not worried about what everyone else thinks because I am not speaking to everyone. I am speaking to you. You found this site, you found my perspective and you have gotten this far.

Many of the expressions I myself will convey might seem hard to grasp or make sense of by thinking externally, but that's what makes every word I type worth the energy it takes to create and express. My perspective began as a point of view and has turned into a processing engine for my deepest, most vulnerable and expressive self. There is nothing more free, nothing more authentic, nothing more powerful. I have begun my journey, and the more the merrier.

You are not your thoughts

Do you agree? Disagree? What are thoughts? What are dreams, nightmares? What does it all mean? If I am not my thoughts, then what am I? Who am I? Explore your impulses with me and find out for yourself. There is no greater expedition I could ever imagine undertaking, other than guiding others through this unexpected frontier and creating a spark that opens another mind.

So, are you looking at the world outside in, or inside out? If you aren't 100% sure, let's talk.

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