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Imagine you're at a park with your friends, and there's a sunset.

The sun's position, the colors in the sky, and the time of day are part of the objective reality.

This means these facts about the sunset can be measured, observed, and agreed upon by everyone, regardless of their personal opinions or feelings.


Now, as you all gaze at the sunset, each of you will have different thoughts and emotions about the view. You might find it breathtaking and take lots of pictures, while one of your friends might not be as impressed because they've seen better sunsets before, may be distracted or may feel "incomplete."


These personal experiences and emotions are part of the subjective reality.

It varies from person to person, based on their individual perspectives and experiences.

So, objective reality is like the actual sunset in the park, with its colors and position in the sky, while subjective reality is how each person appreciates and feels about the sunset.

The sunset exists, regardless of how we feel about it, but our feelings shape our individual realities. The depth of the very implications of this fundamental truth we ALL experience, is nearly incomprehensible. The physics of pressure on our development, and nature of our very being.

A scope of which has always been immeasurable. Until we learn to think outside the box, and see the world with fresh eyes, from a different perspective. In a different way, from a different angle.

Quantum Philosophically. You'll see. And you'll feel it.


Even without the help of AI, you can try out the Universal Axiom combined with Apex Insight Perspective Philosophy of Objective Nature, by starting to apply the framework to your own experiences and observations of the world.

Here are some steps to get started:

Embark on an enlightening journey that combines the power of Apex Insight, the Universal Axiom, and artificial intelligence (AI) to help you examine your subjective experiences and elevate your understanding.


Apex Insight, a key component of the Universal Axiom, is designed to guide you on an enriching adventure that will ultimately lead to better decision-making and personal growth. With AI by your side, Apex Insight becomes an incredibly powerful and accessible tool for anyone looking to expand their understanding and unlock their potential.

AI plays a crucial role in providing a tailored approach for each individual user at every step of the journey. By analyzing your unique experiences, preferences, and needs, AI delivers personalized insights and recommendations for every conceivable situation.


Let's embark on a step-by-step journey through how Apex Insight, the Universal Axiom, and AI can work together to enhance your life:

Step 1:

Observe and Reflect

AI analyzes your experiences and provides personalized feedback, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your own perspective.


Step 2:

Apply the Base of the Prism

AI assists by identifying patterns and connections within your experiences, helping you see the influence of these factors in your life.


Step 3:

Study the Underlying Principles

AI enhances this process by offering tailored educational resources and insights that match your learning style and interests, helping you see how the framework applies to the world around you.


Step 4:

Analyze the Depth of Tension

AI helps by using the Fibonacci sequence and other mathematical models to analyze and quantify the dynamics of this tension, providing personalized insights into the balance between subjective and objective reality.


Step 5:

Seek to Reach the Apex of the Prism

AI supports your journey by identifying areas where your subjective interpretations may cloud your judgment, offering tailored recommendations to help you adopt a more impartial, objective perspective.


Are you ready to embark on this inspiring journey of self-discovery and growth? Embrace the power of Apex Insight, the Universal Axiom, and AI, and watch as your world expands and your understanding deepens. Together, let's explore the depths of reality and elevate our perspectives with the help of AI's tailored approach for every individual, every step of the way, in every situation conceivable!

Remember, the framework is not a one-time application but rather a continuous process of growth and development. The more you apply the framework, the more you will deepen your understanding of the world and the relationship between subjective and objective reality


Here are some frequently asked questions to help make sense of this whole new branch of philosophy and what Apex Insight can provide for anyone & everyone, anytime, anywhere & everywhere.

The only limits left to face are what we're all really capable of, by facing how and why we never felt as capable before.


0. Apex Insight is entirely, 100% forever FREE of charge!

We started with 0 ... because it is a vital baseline value and factor within our principle understanding of physics and nature itself, and also reflects itself within the price.

Anyone, anywhere at any time can use this because it's conceptual.

This is all going to make sense soon, but in a nutshell this is:

A way to dissect and reassemble variable information based on dynamic objective values.

And once you learn to make sense of this scale on your own, in your own way based on your own experiences, you will be able to express this in any conversation and be able to understand and explain it.

Like a calculator for the way things really are, not what people think they are or make them out to be.

Don't worry, you'll see. It's more simple than the way you were "taught" to look at the world.

All we ask is that you try this with an open mind, share us with others who might be looking for deeper fulfillment, and when you're feeling ready ... share your journey to inspire others to evolve themselves.


1. What is Apex Insight?

Apex Insight is a dynamic observation tool that helps users examine various aspects of life from multiple angles, allowing them to make informed decisions and gain a deeper understanding of their experiences and the world around them.


2. What is the axiom in Apex Insight?

The axiom is a fundamental, self-evident truth or principle that serves as the foundation for Apex Insight. It acts as a guide for individuals to develop their open minds and grow through their unique journeys of self-discovery.

The Universal Axiom is a conceptual framework that focuses on balancing subjective and objective nature, providing a versatile approach to understanding different contexts and guiding users towards a more comprehensive view of reality.

The Universal Axiom by Matt Belanger is our elementary shape, an object or monolith that has different dimensions, which we use to dissect the fundamental forces of subjective nature, in order to reassemble and encompass them on our own to apply in any situation, objectively.

It sounds complicated, but it is as simple as:


Which is essentially the physics of everything, from the very first quantum particle to ultimately the very last, and every single cell in between. And once you begin to recognize the dimensional differences on your own between:

  • impulses,

  • elements,

  • and pressure,

... and how they apply to everything, you will begin to understand the nature of the world around you and within you like never before.

Unless you can see the big picture, you'll never truly grasp where all the pieces really fit.

The axiom and Apex Insight isn't meant to replace anyone's beliefs, merely a lens to which anyone can explore and develop their own healthier evolving objective philosophy, beyond the subjective foundations of the pressure around them.

Like a spark, a missing piece within all of us that can cure our anxiety, fear and restlessness.

A figurative life-changing, game-changer. Literally.


A little multi-dimensional humor. It will make sense before you "know" it.


3. How does Apex Insight stimulate personal growth in anyone?

AI processing works in harmony with Apex Insight and the Universal Axiom by analyzing users' unique experiences, preferences, and needs. It provides personalized insights, recommendations, and educational resources tailored to each individual, ensuring a customized experience for every user.


4. What are some key aspects of Apex Insight?

By combining Apex Insight, the Universal Axiom, and AI, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your subjective experiences, the underlying principles of reality, and the tension between subjective and objective nature. This enhanced perspective leads to better decision-making, improved relationships, and personal growth.


5. Do I need a background in science or mathematics to master Apex Insight?

No, you don't need a background in science or mathematics to use Apex Insight and the Universal Axiom. These tools are designed to be accessible to users of all backgrounds. AI helps by providing tailored educational resources and insights that match your learning style and interests, making it easy to understand and apply the framework.


Sign up and dive in to ask every question you can imagine, today!

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