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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

Arc Your State of Being

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Your mind is designed to evolve, and the only way to do this is to mine the depths of your own foundational evolutionary path through your own ages. Not for Esteem, but for Enlightenment.

Insightful Evolution:

First thing's first, age is not a number of years and has nothing to do with how long any mind has consumed information, but a bright ever-evolving, re-developing and expanding state of mind, measuring conceptual figures, principles, values and variables. Each current within each age goes through stages as it builds, divides, multiplies, reflects & projects biological impulses & elements.

1st Age ~ Insecurity

When a mind feels insecure, it suffers from foundational elements missing to evolve into the state of security and fulfillment each subjective being objectively yearns to achieve. We are too young to perceive the depths of our influences' foundational flaws, so we inherit the same evolutionary hindrances that prevented previous generations from expanding beyond their shallow currents.

2nd Age ~ Security

When a mind senses greater security, it begins to cement its foundational development to increase their sense of direction, momentum and integrity of its own core system from the vulnerabilities within their foundational stage of insecurity, as well as to create boundaries to protect from falling prey to those we recognize as having less security, or more vulnerabilities.

3rd Age ~ Projection

When a mind reaches their pinnacle of physical evolution, it begins to invert their sense of reflection to conceptually expand and evolve their perspective of their own nature. If a mind fails to do this in time, they will remain in a shallow loop of perpetual grief and confusion. Trapped looking backward, unable to evolve a brighter sense of direction, momentum & integrity upward.

4th Age ~ Fulfillment

When a mind reaches their apex of existential conceptual realization, their impulses are free to explore every facet of subjective nature, objectively. The foundational structure balances with their conceptual development and fulfillment is achieved. Each stage, each age and current can be reflected upon from above, as opposed to within the current of the age. Unparalleled insight and relativity to all other selves yearning to achieve the same state & current of evolutionary being.


Perspective Depth:

Now, for the ladder. Each stage of development represents the pursuits that each mind is trying to grasp for themselves by developing and expanding their sense of the world around them. We measure and contrast, compete and convince others, as well as ourselves of who we sense we will become, regardless if the mind doesn't fully understand the limited scale of evolutionary progress.

1st Stage ~ Foundation

Every mind has to build a foundation of information to encompass and embody. We evolved to create these structures conceptually, internally. Like a library, we build walls and organizational tools to catalogue and value impulses and elements to help us achieve greater security. The key to achieving Enlightenment lies within this stage & our ability to re-evaluate the flaws buried within.

2nd Stage ~ Esteem

To continue to evolve a foundation of perspective, each mind must simplify to their point-of-view of the world around them. We evolve a sense of self, of biological importance, of anxiety and begin to chart a narrative path forward in time of our evolutionary stages. The issue with this stage is most fail to grasp their Esteem. Instead, it is grounded to others or to shallow institutions out of insecurity. Without grasping the depths and complexities of Esteem, a mind will lose its "prime."

3rd Stage ~ Reflection

The most misinterpreted sense and evolutionary gift that if misused and abused, WILL turn any mind's greatest blessing, tool and organ into a nightmare. We are led to believe that our sense of reflection is a projector of memories of the happiest moments of our entire lives. A collection of positives to replay when we feel less fulfilled. But that use is terminal, our sense of reflection is a tool similar to a treasure map, that we can explore to track our evolutionary stages and path. Our ability to reflect is meant to fix our foundational flaws, not to cement them for the sake of Esteem.

4th Stage ~ Enlightenment

The final stage of Perspective Evolution of any consciousness. Like a lightning bolt inside your soul, achieving this stage of evolutionary insight creates a conceptual arc enlightening the thought process of any train of thought, past present and future. To see the world from above, having graduated the 3 stages of mind within their 3 ages in time, foundational knowledge no longer influenced by Esteem, Insecurity or Fear. A relativity beyond subjective minds, time and space.


Can you re-evaluate the depths of your foundational development, can you arc your being and evolve beyond the capacity of those trapped in the 2nd age of their diminishing current? Can you grow out of your reflective loop, lying to yourself and each other for the sake of your self-esteem?

Can you grow up, by growing inward, upward and onward? Or are you destined for the opposite?

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