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The Key Element to Fulfillment

Grasping The Sands of Time

What is time? What is our purpose within? What happens to the mind... in time? Hold on tight.

You've always felt it, but you've learned to suppress it. A sense you can't make sense of but you've always been aware of. Tick. Something feels... wrong. A shadow growing, inside. A void in your mind, in your thought process that is indescribable. Tock. A sense of light, time, self; slowly evaporating before your eyes.

Hold on tight. This is going to feel a little too insightful.

Every day you wake up, put your brightest smile on and hope for the best. But day after day, you feel more and more drained, less and less valued, and #hope at best is a distant fading memory. As each day bleeds into the next, those ever-fading reflections become more and more your focus. You place your hopes and dreams onto others to give meaning to your life, but they are no happier. Despite your best attempts to be a positive model, it is apparent to everyone that you are fading.

Welcome to "time," and the affect it has on every subconscious. We simply suppress that reality. Each mind continues to fade & dim, day after day, until they learn to grasp the nature of their time.


The future feels unfamiliar, uncomfortable, dark and alien. While our reflection is something we can control, we can reframe and enlighten as needed to help us get through each sufferable moment forward. We begin to fear the reflection in the mirror, because it does not balance with the reflection we create within ourselves to maintain that bright self-esteem that once defined us.

That momentum propelling you forward your entire life, that gave you a sense of scale and sense of self has been nothing but a false sense of comfort... and it is rapidly deteriorating. Everything you thought you were, everything you worked for, tirelessly day after day is less & less appealing.

The way you feel, the way you will continue to feel about yourself and the value the world will see within you will continue to diminish, No matter what you tell yourself, or what others say to each other. We have all been living in our own false sense of reality, and time is the bursting of all our bubbles. You've always felt it, gripped it your whole life but now it is slipping through your fingers.

That my dearest reader and relative being, is the #evolution and #nature of time at it's finest.

Because once you begin to see the true nature of time for yourself. you can begin to grasp the true nature of time, itself.

Because as frightening and dark as it all may appear, it is this existential reality that you must face to enlighten your greatest self, expanding your point of view to a scale greater than that of your wildest dreams, developing a perspective of life that will evolve within every fiber of your being.

Time can be grasped, by learning to draw your own line in the sand before your own time runs out.

But what does that even mean? How can we ever grasp time? What is it in the first place?

These might sound impossible to answer, but the only question that ultimately matters is "WHY?". The more we can explore "why" human nature is what it is, we can add dimensions to it.

Time is a dimension of current, so we must explore the depths of time not just the surface levels. We need to grasp the depths of why below the surface. What each subjective mind buries within.

Think of time, not as a linear path from past to future, but as a measurement of depth itself. The depth of a thought process inward. The height of objective conscious evolution. The subjective origin of any being and the elements that directed the nature of impulses and elements within the nature of itself. Time is simply a conceptual measurement of how any experience has expanded and evolved, both objectively and subjectively. How each of us learns to draw that line, that is what defines the depth of perspective within each consciousness and the nature of self within.

Are you ahead of the current or are you finding yourself more and more behind it, weighed down?

You can't travel through time, but you can evolve to look inward to see depths others feared to explore within their own nature.


So, moving forward...

The deeper a mind can create impulses (light), the deeper it can focus inward to reflect a depth that the most shallow minds could never conceive of themselves. And thus the crux of time as a paradox. Can you draw your own line in the sand, in your own time, in your own way to see the nature of life itself around you, and the lack of evolution within others' dim shallow points of view.

You aren't feeling dizzy, your mind is trying to create deeper impulses. You aren't uncomfortable, your mind is increasingly uncomfortable and has been yearning to open, expand beyond your time. Looking inward is a terrifying experience, because it is unpredictable and unimaginable. Time is easy to lose track of once you learn to explore the depths within the scale of your environment & influences who shaped each foundational structure of what we are, and why. Not for us but them.

We excuse the dark nature of reality, for the sake of those who profit from & embody that nature.

They abuse and confuse us, then convince us to focus on the positives. Ignoring the negatives. But this is how each mind suffers, dims and drowns in its own shallow lack of evolution of itself.

So, this brings us to purpose. What is purpose? What is life's purpose? What is time's purpose?

The answer to all these questions, and the answer to every question is always: Evolution.

So what happens to the mind over time, within time and outside of it? Evolution.

Unless it's within the self-interest and self-esteem of others that minds do not evolve. Unless it is best that minds do not open, do not question the foundations of their influences, the foundations of the institutions that shaped their reality, shaped their lives, shaped their time, their value of themselves and the value others attributed to us and those like us. What if we are the bad guys?

What if we have been measuring time wrong? Why wouldn't this be possible? Unless it is in the best interest of the institutions themselves which buried the truths of their foundation in plain sight, but counted on time to save them from the reality of their lack of humanity and perspective.

What if grasping time is enlightening your mind to all the questions that our influences couldn't answer or made us feel foreign, alien and unwelcome to question? Those foundational elements and impulses that used to drive our best nature forward, Until it conflicted with their self-esteem.

And thus, we come full sphere and arrive at the why. At least, for those able to read between the lines to find a sense of deeper esteem than that possible by any external form of shallow comfort.

Evolve your scale of time by grasping the depths of insecurity, self-esteem and the entitlements that shaped the very being of each person that has ever existed, and turn them inside out. See the world from the other side, objectively and watch your subconscious enlighten and evolve within.

The world might value the roots, but your bright future lies within the bulb you can conduct to see both the beauty and the flaws within the foundation of our understanding of reality, and of nature. An esteem beyond the self, beyond imagination and encompassing our best evolutionary nature.

The greater our conception and sense of time itself, the greater our ability to re-conceptualize the nature of our own, within.
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