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Insightful Philosophy

The Key Element to Fulfillment

Insight into "Life Coaching"

There is a fundamental misunderstanding between philosophy and teaching. To confuse the two is the critical difference between developing your own sense of evolution, or simply further surrendering your fading sense of empowerment. Filter the subjective elements of the Life Coaching Industry by philosophically evaluating the core premise, goals, tactics, products, byproducts and the perspective echos beyond the surface levels.


Sensitivity Disclaimer;

Regarding Greater Objective Depth

The following insight is specific, but the same objective evaluation can be done within the foundations of every instance, within every point of view, across every institution, community, culture, lifestyle, belief system & value set throughout human nature. Objective Evaluation is about removing your own self-esteem and self-interest from your thought process. Feelings be advised. The more we all learn to challenge the foundations of dark shallow thought processes, the more our own thought process brightens, deepens & evolves.



Life Coaches. One of the newest and fastest growing industries trending forward. Sparking the explosion of today's social influencers, gurus, mentors and role models, people are turning their self-image, connectivity and inherent popularity into their own businesses unlike ever before.

These people look attractive, seem empowered & appear far more fulfilled than you could ever achieve on your own. And they make sure to apply and use that sense of insecurity (within you) at every opportunity. They call it inspiration, they call it a community, they call it motivation. But at its very foundation, their primary goal is simple: to make you less confident in yourself, enough to ground your self-esteem, agency and sense of growth to them, their logic and to their "product(s)."

But how they really survive and manipulate the lonesome, is by turning us into the very products themselves, generating income and loyalty through people's sense of insecurity itself. There is no greater market than our loneliness. They are literally selling you your own lack of comfort back to you. Every client is someone feeling uncomfortable within & this is the core business model.

A "pyramid scheme" or cult has less to do with the distribution of money or its foundational beliefs, and more to do with a lack of insightful philosophy to empower the otherwise powerless.

Follow me and you will feel less uncomfortable and if anyone notices, the credit must go to the program of which you would be nothing and nowhere without. Oh, not to mention all the latest proprietary teachings & offerings. They'll tell you they're different, then become offended while saying "you just don't understand." But the only thing offensive is their lack of depth and insight.

"You can't do it on your own," they tell you. You've failed at being yourself, so you need to listen to them. Do what you're told, follow their leaders who they follow. Surrender your ability to evolve on your own. But if you do stay in their system long enough to succeed at feeling better than you had prior, you become their product... selling their products. Oh, and if you don't succeed then it is your fault, becoming a cautionary tale to entice others to lean inward to their community/system.

Life coaches and influencers will highlight and elevate the few that feel temporary relief and a renewed sense of momentum, but the many who are left worse and less fulfilled are forgotten, minimized and excluded from the pageantry and sense of profit.

Evolving has nothing to do with diets, products, income, appearances or manipulation, and has everything to do with self-awareness, growth and most of all a philosophy of objective principles that learns and adapts on its own, based on each person's life experiences and sense of empathy. The more we grasp our flaws and lack of fundamental philosophy, the more we re-discover our sense of relativity to each other and the more we begin to understand ourselves and the world.

Being more attractive & more affluent isn't success. In fact, it all merely acts as a numbing agent to suppress your intuition for evolutionary expansion. Mindful impulses we all struggle to grasp. External rewards are for those not ready and willing to face the depths of their lack of fulfillment, leaving every client, their flaws & mind more shallow, less lively with less self-esteem than before.

Rewards only help you escape the reality that you aren't willing to face with objective philosophy.

Philosophy is priceless and timeless. Products are worthless and useless.


Live a healthier lifestyle

  • Better nutritional efficiency

  • Evolution of portion control

  • Increase activity and circulation

  • New objectives replace old habits

  • Sense of progression over regression

Look more attractive

Earn more income

Find acceptance

Inspire others



  • Time

  • Lack of fulfillment

  • Sense of devaluation

  • Discomfort

  • Despair

Every single conscious human being suffers exponentially from these pressures. Every single person, who ever lived. No matter when in time, where they were born, how successful or how attractive they felt or they appeared to those around them. Every single human being shares these same underlying blind spots, fears and insecurities. Acting like cavities we can't explain or measure that infect any subconscious, if we live long enough.

And this is what every industry, every culture and every institution uses against us. The manner of which has simply evolved, as has our ability to numb while capitalizing from it.







As stated above, healthy habits are a journey of discovery and evolution, not a to-do list that people have "figured out for you." Listen to your body. If you feel energized and more active after a meal, you took a step in the right direction. If you feel worse and less energized after a meal, you made a mistake and are facing the consequences. The more we pay attention to how we feel after we eat certain foods and portions, etc, the more we begin to value what we intake and process. Long enough, your food intake will evolve and balance.

It's about you taking control of how, when, where, what and why you eat in the first place.






Weight gain

They advertise how quickly anyone can begin to lose weight, simply by changing their routine. Yes, that is how metabolism and our circulatory system works. But exhausting yourself and sacrificing slow evolution for fast bursts or outrageous physical transformations are not healthy and are a detriment to the process of evolution.

Losing weight rapidly only leads to gaining weight rapidly, and the longer one exhausts themselves by unnaturally suffering for the outcomes that will impress others, the worse off they become when the "high" of the transformation and adoration wears off. Then, all that is left is reminiscing about that period of time when you felt better about yourself.

Loss of momentum

Loss of direction

Loss of integrity

Loss of esteem


The mind is the final frontier, and the space within is limitless once we learn to look inward for ourselves to discover our sense of empowerment that we surrendered to others who we trusted with our very impulses. We were sold temporary happiness at the expense of fulfillment, evolution and a sense of esteem far greater than that of ourself. But it's not too late. It's time.

You don't need a teacher, a life coach, a program or boxes of products shipped to your living room, what you need is to reject this entire mindset, these systems and the manipulation that has been suffocating you your whole life & begin to develop your own philosophy. It will change your life.

And the echos you can create, influence and inspire could reverberate beyond your imagination.

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